Vancouver PPC Management & Optimization

At Vantage, we believe in the power of search engine marketing. We have seen incredible results from PPC advertising—both in our clients’ businesses and in our own. Our consultants are dedicated professionals who pride themselves on creating campaigns that provide long-term benefits, sustainable growth and consistent gains.

Our Services

  • PPC Management & Optimization: PPC is the fastest way to get more leads and sales online. We provide the extensive PPC experience needed to create you an account that performs right from the start.
  • SEO Consulting: SEO is a great long term strategy for getting more leads and sales online. We provide the SEO consulting needed to build the foundation of a great strategy.
  • Landing Page Optimization: LPO increases the ROI of all your marketing channels by increasing the conversion rates of your landing pages. Our landing pages will work in harmony with your SEO and PPC campaigns to further increase their results.


Our Approach Involves 4 Basic Steps

  • Quest: To understand your business, your marketing goals and your target prospects’ characteristics.
  • Strategize: On how to best reach your target prospects and how to captivate their interest.
  • Optimize: By continually fine-tuning your search marketing to increase the number of leads or sales.
  • Results: Provided to you in easy to understand monthly reports.


Client Success Story


Scope of Work Testimonial
Express Pardons is a Canadian legal services company specializing in pardons. Online advertising had been an important source for leads, but they had become frustrated with the amount of time consumed in-house and that results were not improving. Vantage first optimized Google Adwords, and then we tested campaigns with Microsoft Adcenter and Facebook Ads. We were able to increase the leads significantly and reduce the the cost per click. “Vantage built us a sophisticated, multi-tiered, national PPC campaign which has seen our online sales and leads increase 10 fold in a matter of months, leading us to the top of the PPC rankings, while actually decreasing our cost per acquisition.”- Jared Church, Operations Manager

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